Travis Scott is hurting [and helping] Nike SB collectors:

Unpopular opinion: Travis Scott, Rich the Kid, and Offset and making it harder and harder for original collectors to complete their closets. An example? I paid $46.00 for a pair of used (7/10) Nike SB Dunk Low Homers w/OG box; turned and sold them on ebay for $700.00 within 48hrs because I included a photo of Travis Scott wearing them during an interview.

Stussy, Gibson, Trail end (the craziest skyrocket IMHO), pacmans, Paris, Yellow lobsters, Freddies and many others have made MASSIVE jumps in 2019. Another example, I had multiple pairs of the Trails Ends scooped at $50, you literally could get this shoe on sale a few short years ago. I just sold a NDS pair earlier this month on ebay for a whopping $549.00.

The shoe game is actually more fucked than it ever was.

Supreme’s new owners running their company into the ground, yeezy’s fell off, meanwhile NSB is resurfacing in the limelight with a vengence. It’s cyclical, I know, but to this degree has almost put me at a loss of words.

My friend bought 3 pairs of Dunk Low Paris for a staggering $15k, today his three pairs have fetched offers of $75-90k and he STILL refuses to sell. (8.5, 9, 9 | DS OG all)

To wrap my first post up, this is just one collectors hot take: I’m happy other people find joy in the same shoes as me, but now it has made obtaining pairs that have trickled out of my closet over the past [almost] 20 years nearly impossible, certainly not realistic. I let go of many shoes before this surge when I needed some extra cash, thinking to myself “it’s cool ill buy them back later”. Sadly, that later will be a never on many SB’s for me.

The bright side? I made $800 off DS cascade hemps, $700 on Used Homers, $400 on dark mocha/chino, $500 & $750 on purple lobsters, Trail End for $549. Margains on these sales were insane; so for that Travis, I thank you for helping a broke college student hustle through school all because you touched the same shoe I own 😂💯

-Jeff (10/10.5)

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