Travis dunks on the stove… (finally) šŸ‘€

Worth the hype? I think so. In fact, I usually find something to complain about with most releases today; or something that I’d do to enhance to a speific release. (While also murmuring how Nike should hire me to do so).

As a fan of most his colorways on various silhoettes [except the plain jane AF1’s] this is mainly due to their simplicity- nothing wrong with simple, but as an artist who uses psychedellic artwork, album art, etc. I was expecting something closer to the FW19 AF1 release than another tokyo-ish all white joint.

Back to this dunk; I think the alleged tear-away to cement print under the bandana is a great idea, but its a bit extra on this drop IMHO. It’s just that it’s too similar to the paint tear-away/cloth tear-away we’ve been seeing a lot of recently… I just don’t want the tear-away fabric/paint to become a crutch on every drop.

With that being said, this drop is a mandatory snatch. Well executed, toned down colors while still being attention-getting.

I need two pair.

-Jeff (10/10.5)

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