Another f*cking post about Travis Scott x Nike SB

These shoes are becoming a thorn in my side.

I hate continuous hype build for a shoe. Regardless of the brand/silhouette- I especially hate it when it’s an SB. (my odds of doubling goes down dramatically)

Below: Travis wearing his upcoming dunks courtside.

tear-away bandana print will reveal a Cactus Jack thunder/lightning “font”

I really want to relace his shoes for him. Needless to say, his cup runeth over with big ass drip.

These don’t really need the tear-away to be deemed a “must have”. I think the shoe was fire as is, and this tear away look hasn’t been mastered yet. I’m hesitant to cut my lance mountain AJ1 low SB off after seeing so many pairs poorly done.

To make this post concise. These are fire as fuck, and are a must grab. Not sure the tear-away was necessary; either way they were extremely well executed.

2020 is going to be an SB year, bet.

-Jeff (10/10.5)

(oh, yeah- veering away from the traditional laces for the alt. lace was a nice touch)


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