Nike SB Safari dunk low (Australia first)..damn

Nike SB Safari dunk low

Slated to release 1/11/2020 in Australia, (the US release coming at a later date).

Shouldn’t be long for us here in the states as pairs have been seen in circulation already. Keep your eyes peeled on ebay/stockx for pairs available in the US prior to release.

Even though it’s a GR (general release) I wouldn’t expect an easy cop. The trend of recent months show that even GR’s are fetching resellers serious money (on stockx in particular).

An example? hell yeah, I’ve got a few of them. (clearly I’m a bit little salty):

The trail ends aren’t a recent release, but due to Travis Scott’s Jordan 1 hype, these have now been dubbed “Travis Scott dunks” by the mouth-breathers jumping on the SB bandwagon. For the record, Travis Scott would’ve been 15 years old when these released.

The short is—I paid $50 for my pair off craigslist years ago. My friend even turned down a size run @ cost when these first released. Shops were pulling teeth to get rid of these bricks. Now..just look at the recent sales here:

oof. RIP to a basic ass GR.

My point from this post is, wake up early for SNKRS and try your local shop. I will update will a hard release date, but for now, it seems shops can sell as soon as they arrive. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY:

GO DONATE TO THE FIRES IN AUSTRALIA, you got money for shoes, throw $1, $2, $5, $100 whatever you can. Every penny helps. I won’t hit you with the photos, we’ve all seen them. Take 2 minutes of your time to help. Australia is on fire, and we’re over here lurking for release info 😂 c’mon yall.

The link below, or google “where to donate to Australia bushfires” it’ll come right up.

If you don’t have money, I feel you, I just broke the bank on school and I don’t work full-time lol. But positive thoughts, energy, vibes, prayers, moments, all help. Anything.

You’d want some help if it were you, yeah?

Whatever you got, cough it up.

-Jeff (10/10.5)


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