Nike SB dunk low Cascade midsole restoration (gum yeet)

yowza, this client needed some midsole help on their hemps
PSA: don’t put f*cking silica packets in your shoeboxes!! (i’ll make a post [rant] about this later)

Okay, this one hurt my heart a little bit. As a massive fan of dunks/SB’s, seeing a pair this poorly cared for made me want to smack them. BUT. This is what I’m here for.

forgot to mention, these were laced poorly (still in a bowtie) yet DS w/laces attached sz 9.

Usually my OCD stops me from taking progress pictures. I’m so preoccupied I forget to take photos to market my services with, like a dumbass.

Well, this dumbass remembered this time around and ooooooh and I thankful, this type of transformation is what I’m all about and the story attached to the end of this makes it worth it even more so.

After one session of me doing what I do best; licking windows.

Can you say big ol’ yeet? This went from turfed to DS. From abused grails to StockX-able kicks. I’d say that’s a big W.

Another progress shot:

session one complete, youlickwindows treatment.

Final product shots after all treatments + lace steam.

Okay remember like an hour ago when I said I had a story? Well, here’s the quick version. This client was struggling to fetch $400 for this pair with the oxidation as bad as it was. I brought them back for $60. He was excited but didn’t want to sell on stockx (the box had minimal creasing). I ended up [magically] brokering a deal for $800. That being far over what stockx was fetching or ebay. (If don’t believe me, let’s bet on it, I got cashapp/paypal/venmo lol..OR; if I’m not bullshitting, you owe me a follow on all platforms.)

*(Venmo: @asianjeff Cashapp: $asianjeffrey, for when you lose that bet)

If you need your midsoles brought back to life, prices vary. This pair in particular had really bad oxidation and needed extra time spent. Shoot me an email before your midsoles turn to waxy dust crumbles.

-Jeff (10/10.5)


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