Wino/wine stain/splatter Vans customs

Wino Nike SB Janoski Vans.

Guess who caught the flu and has been ghost for days? This sucks man. ANYWAYS!

You love the Janoski winos? Yeah, get in line. Considering they’re fetching $200+ on stockx (in my size), I’ve got a cheaper alternative. Vans Winos. Same effect, easier on the wallet. Real wine used to achieve this end product as a thinner is a cool feature as well. Shout out Justin Wines.

Before you judge, I want you to know the base was used AND they have been through the washer with warm water 3 times! (not by me)

That’s not an excuse or asking you to cut my ass some slack…but..could you cut me some slack? Here we go—

Burgundy strip
[in process photo] The strip around the midsole was blue, client wanted em burgundy.

Hit two small spots on parts of midsole with some E6000 delay anymore separation. *cough* from washing it with WARM water, not cold *cough* Finished product came out fire, reshoevn8r and Angelus gave these joints a second life. I’m all about it.



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