Strangelove & hangovers. (Super Bowl hangover) *and release drama.

AIIIIIIIIGHT I’m not a fan of either team, although I was rooting for the 49ers because I reside in Cali. All said in done I’m hyped to see Mahomes to get buck, at the prime age of 24 years old. Impressive bruh.

ANYWAYS, we talking Strangelove..and I don’t mean backpage sh*t. The MF mad men at Strangelove who put that magical touch on their upcoming release.

I’ve seen them in hand and must say these are a must cop. The materials go hard. As far as their functionality as a skate shoe, you could do better than these materials. BUT, that doesn’t mean these aren’t a mandatory snatch.

The apparel flows with the shoes, so cop that ish too. Support real shops. The decks are heavy too! I can’t give enough praise for originality.

Only bummer is the assholes who use bots on mom & pop shops force Strangelove to cancel their release of the special box+extras. Which in turn helped resellers because now they’re fetching $1000+ on stockx. Dammit.

Get yours on 2/7/2020 at your local, or forever hold your peace.

Get some strange.


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