TRAVIS SCOTT dunk weekend? say less.

Travis Scott weekend anyone? I been ghost [again] I know, but cut me some slack..I’ve been buying raffle tickets and being an all-around dope ass person. You ready for some fucking cheat codes? Buckle up. 

Here we are, finally at drop weekend..and I’m on a damn flight headed to Nike HQ. I’ve got a pair on lock, so I can’t complain. But im going to complain anyways. 

I’ve spent time the past week in shops in CA, it’s crazy the amount of “skate shop supporters” surfaced out of nowhere, as if they don’t reek of being resellers. Coming into a skate shop wearing your Travis Scott 1’s, 4’s, of AF1 isn’t the look man. We want to see these skated, not babied. We aren’t Jordan boys, we beat our shits up. (pause.)

My dude, you’re not getting a pair.

With that being said, I can’t hate..that used to be me. I didn’t want a 9-5 so I got busy with kicks!

The amount of hype for this drop is insane, shops getting hit..armed robbery at one; they only got 3 pairs too LMAOOOOO imagine having to do 15+ years for roughly $3,000. HOLD THIS L 

Travis Scott fans are a unique breed, I enjoy his music..but I can’t comfortably say his autotune packed albums “have saved my life”, but if they’ve helped someone through hard times I’m glad they have that.

People start showing their true colors when a hot drop comes around! Want to score a pair? GO SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL. Not just a week before drop. Go pull GR’s out the store, buy a complete and go push mongo like the bum ass you are, go buy the sickest Thrasher hoodie for your girl, buy a beanie to cover up your busted ass haircut. Establish a relationship, not just around hot shoes that are reselling (you sack of shit).

At the end of the day, shops should be alleyooping the people who are grinding the streets, the ones who want to turf these, the people who don’t care about these shoes. That’s what makes a shoe timeless to me, when people use it for what it’s made for..FUCKING SKATING. 

So take your mongo-pushing, mall-grabbing, Travis Scott loving ass into a shop and support on a regular basis and maybe you’ll have some luck in the future. 

I’m leaving the bandana intact, because it looks big gas bruh.


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