Nike China = CLOSED; Syracuse & Kentucky Dunk (not a mf SB!)

Nike said fuck it, we losing billions with this coronavirus shit popping off..let’s flood the US to offset the big money they’re losing overseas. I would do the same thing, but damn they aren’t even being slick about it. Y’all said fuck china, were taxing the holy shit out of US..$400 for a pair of adapt’s?! C’mon y’all, relax. Also, you’d think to offset these massive losses they’re incurring that they would work to up production (which in turn squashes reselling, and keeps the people who really want the shoes happy they can scoop at retail).

man, fuck coronavirus.

With that being said, Virgil touched a dunk and now everyone is back on nike dunks (and SB’s, and these mouth-breathers don’t even know the difference between dunks/SB’s lmaooooooo) *hold that L 

I can’t stand having to pay insane price for some of my favorite older GR SB releases. It’s boof pack. Like major boof pack..

ANYWAYS, these fucking shoes are coming down the pipeline. So get your SNKRS app’s locked and loaded, set alarms on your calendar for the release weekend, because if these were anything like the Plums Nike re-released recently, these too will fly off shelves and end up double retail. I refuse to pay a penny over box price for a new release. I know what it costs to produce these shoes and get them into consumer hands. The margins are already there. 

I’m done bitching.

TO ANYONE IT CONCERNS: if y’all help me secure these, I’ll alley-oop some SB’s.

-Jeff [10/10.5]


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