Nike SB dunk high “Strawberry Cough” by Todd Bratrud (oh, f*ck yeah.)

Strawberry cough dunk hittin’ just right!

OHHHHH y’all got Todd bringin’ the heat, again? Bet.

I can’t say I wouldn’t strike while the iron is hot..I mean shit, after all Nike is losing $17B off their valuation due to the problems in China with coronavirus. [Nike’s most profitable market]. –oof. 

early photo cred: @solebyjc

Enough of the virus talk, if we die we least we’ll have fire shoes when we go, right? Anyways..These fucking 4/20 slappers from Todd are ANOTHER ONE. Not only being a big fan of weed, but marijuana themed shoes are a sure-shot way to my heart. The shoe itself has a nice icy sole (although I wish they didn’t do the blue tint, either a light green tint, or pure clear would’ve been my recommendation, just saying!) 

I’m a sucker for custom insoles, and the skunks, white widows, and now the coughs all depicting stoned inanimate things– very cool, man. 

If it wasn’t clear fro my choice of shoes, shoe customizers all smoke big chune…right? Either way, I’m bout it bout put me down for two pairs of these hitters. 

Looks like some fire suede, as Todd always reaches for the cool materials. I don’t mean to jump on his nuts..but show me a shoe he’s touched that doesn’t slap [it’s cool, I’ll wait]

-Jeff [10/10.5]


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