jk, my prices are legit.

I keep it fair; you pay shipping to me, I pay shipping back to you.

Return shipping via USPS priority mail, tracked, insured, w/ delivery confirmation.

As of 12/9/2020 the following services are offered—


  • CLEAN [most] canvas/suede/leather/nubuck $20-40+
  • DEEP clean (toe to heel, guts an’ all!) $35-50+
  • YOU AIN’T GOT THE ANSWERS SUEDE! color-correction service $20-40+
  • CANVAS color correction $10-30+
  • MIDSOLE re-paint $30-50+
  • MIDSOLE re-glue $40
  • SOLE swap $100-120+
  • UPPER repaint $40-100+
  • UPPER re-dye $40-100

Customs vary by the piece. I work with everyone; I’m never above a job. I’ve done bachelor/bachelorette party shoes, work events, kids, movies, music themed etc. Bringing your vision to life is what I’m here for. I work with acrylic paints, permanent paint pens and markers, and a variety of other tools/mediums, lets get creative!

As mentioned before, I work with all budgets, the smallest of projects have only run $20, where finished fully painted customs (see the parra F&F post) have fetched $150 a pair. It really depends on what you want done!

Lets chop it up!


instagram: @youlickwindows

Venmo: @asianjeff

Cashapp: $asianjeffrey

*paypal upon request

Previous work: (will continuously add to, finished products, before/after etc.)

*Parra F&F customer had two pairs completed, they supplied one blank pair and I had to source the other. $250 total for two pairs. ($100 for provided+$150 for sourced pair) return postage paid by youlickwindows.

Wino vans custom

The base for this pair was a gently worn cream colored upper. This effect is best achieved on tightly threaded pairs as opposed to “looser” threads such as canvas, which is more absorbent than a cloth-based upper.

cost: $60 (return shipping included)