Wino/wine stain/splatter Vans customs

Wino Nike SB Janoski Vans. Guess who caught the flu and has been ghost for days? This sucks man. ANYWAYS! You love the Janoski winos? Yeah, get in line. Considering they're fetching $200+ on stockx (in my size), I've got a cheaper alternative. Vans Winos. Same effect, easier on the wallet. Real wine used to… Continue reading Wino/wine stain/splatter Vans customs


Back from the dead, turned into SPACE JAMS (yeee)

On everything I love- I would rather have these than the new space jams, so them being a EU release thus far isn't a heartbreaker anymore. I think they go OD w/the patent leather anyways, even the bred 11's have some other materials to break up the silhouette. *ANYWAYS* After 2 deep cleaning sessionsstripped factory… Continue reading Back from the dead, turned into SPACE JAMS (yeee)

Piet Parra x Vans Customs F&F

Ignore the sock liner, it needs a second go. Shoes by: @youlickwindows Do you want a pair of F&F Parra AM's? Yeah, no shit. They're just a tad out of my price range considering they're fetching $1.8k on the most recent sale (in my size) on StockX; with a current lowest ask of $5k+. Unless… Continue reading Piet Parra x Vans Customs F&F