Nike China = CLOSED; Syracuse & Kentucky Dunk (not a mf SB!)

Nike said fuck it, we losing billions with this coronavirus shit popping off..let’s flood the US to offset the big money they’re losing overseas. I would do the same thing, but damn they aren’t even being slick about it. Y’all said fuck china, were taxing the holy shit out of US..$400 for a pair of… Continue reading Nike China = CLOSED; Syracuse & Kentucky Dunk (not a mf SB!)

Strangelove & hangovers. (Super Bowl hangover) *and release drama.

AIIIIIIIIGHT I'm not a fan of either team, although I was rooting for the 49ers because I reside in Cali. All said in done I'm hyped to see Mahomes to get buck, at the prime age of 24 years old. Impressive bruh. ANYWAYS, we talking Strangelove..and I don't mean backpage sh*t. The MF mad men… Continue reading Strangelove & hangovers. (Super Bowl hangover) *and release drama.