Back from the dead, turned into SPACE JAMS (yeee)

On everything I love- I would rather have these than the new space jams, so them being a EU release thus far isn’t a heartbreaker anymore. I think they go OD w/the patent leather anyways, even the bred 11’s have some other materials to break up the silhouette.


These were a gift to me on my birthday many years ago, the all white w/icy sole dunk high. I had liquor stains, food stains (I think?), and god knows what else packed into them. I washed them up with Reshoevn8r & Angelus shoe cleaner and then went to town.

Once I finished up the midsole and uppers I tossed some fresh black laces in. As I write this I just realized I might just yank the Jordan 11 style laces from the SB breds to seal the deal on these. A couple sessions of sole bright will have these soles icy again.

Space Jams for $9.00 lol

-Jeff (10/10.5)


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